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Become a Sponsor

This quest will not be possible without the support of sponsors who are passionate about LGBTQ equality rights. As a sponsor, you will benefit from my promotion of your organization in the media and on social media as well as helping advocate for a cause that you believe in. 

Atlantic Campaigns 2015 Race Media Statistics:

  • 3,250 pieces of coverage generated across the race

  • 178 pieces of international online coverage

  • 86 regional broadcast features

  • 39 articles in international newspapers

  • 30 minute BBC documentary

Sponsorship opportunities through Mike's Ocean Quest:

  • Company logo on boat

  • Company logo on clothing

  • Company logo on my website

  • Media mentions

  • Company presence on blog posts

  • Company hashtag(s) on social media

  • Company logo displays at events (when permissible)

Cost of sponsorship:

Mike's Sponsors

Sponsors will have their company logo, description, and link to website here.

Organizations may provide support and resources in a variety of ways. Regardless of the amount of funds or supplies provisioned, I will work with you to reach your marketing goals. Click the button below to contact me for more information.

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