Beginning with Pride

On June 24th and 25th I launched my ocean rowing campaign to promote transgender rights at the 47th Annual San Francisco Pride celebration. I had the amazing opportunity to share information on my quest under a sea-blue booth and to row amongst waves of people in a hybrid boat constructed from cardboard, and rainbow duct-tape. This served as an opportunity to speak with individuals passionate about LGBTQ equality and gauge their feedback -- many of of which was overwhelmingly positive! Detractors commented that I was without a beneficiary organization to receive the proceeds I promised to generate. While this is true, attending Pride put me in contact with many individuals and organizations that I am excited to pursue partnerships with.

The most enjoyable part of Pride was hopping in photos with people who were enthusiastic about me rowing an ocean for a cause that needs visibility. After going through the photos from the event, I feel even more inspired to not only engage with like-minded people, but to spark respectful dialogue with those who have different perspectives.

As I reflect, the weekend at Pride was the first milestone in the course of my journey. While there are many more to come, my next objectives are to identify a beneficiary organization (as mentioned above), to seek sponsorship, and continue to broadcast my quest to a larger audience. I look forward to these steps as they are all part of the adventure. I plan to keep the captain’s blog updated with bi-monthly entries and share other happenings through social media posts.

If you know a sponsor that would be interested in advertising through my quest or an organization you know that works to ensure transgender equality, please send me an email! (

Many thanks to my friends Marcy, Elly, Forrest, Xulia, and Ann for their volunteered efforts in making this weekend possible!

To check out the photos from Pride, click here!