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Hi, I am Michael Outinen. There are as many drops of water in the ocean as there are good ways to describe myself. Here is just a glass half full summary, I hope that follow my quest to get the whole picture.

1. I am a glass half full kinda guy

I may have given this one away already, and it may be over used as a self descriptor, but it is how I perservive through lifes simple qualms to conquering my biggest quests. If its x then its y, if its a then its b, if its not 1 then its 2. 

2. "Challenge mode, I like it" is my motto

I enjoy puzzles with plenty of pieces, and sudoku with few numbers. I think challenges are an invigorating way to stimulate the senses and force myself to see 

3. Adaptable like a chameleon, Hungry like a lion.

Other fun Facts

Full Name:

Michael David Outinen


25.7 years old

Professional Occupation

Project Manger

Place of birth

Marquette MI

I am also known as Yooper

Currently Resides:

San Francisco CA


5' 7"


Approxiamley 31 5lbs Chihauhas

Favorite Flavor Yogurt

Raspberry or honey depending on my mood

More curious? Send me a tweet!

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