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The course course starts at San Sebastian in La Gomera ande ends over 3000 miles west at Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour

The Atlantic Challenge. . .

Also know as"The Worlds Toughest Row" is organized by Atlantic Campaings and is sponsored by Talisker Whiskey. Click on their logo below to check out their website.


While there is two years worth of prep work involved it will between 60 and 90 days  to cross the Atlantic.

The boat will carry all necessary food, cooking gas, medical kit, and safety equipment for the entire crossing.

Sea water will be convertnged to drinkable water using a device aboard the boat.

Solar panels will be used to power this device along with crucial navigation and communication tools.


Being vigilant to my location will be crucial to avoid treacherous weather and other sear traveling vessels. Sleeping in short shifts to check coordinates often is necessary.

I must be certified and trained to 

It will take well over 1,000,000 oar strokes to complete. | 2017 |

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